i'm not perfect

sorry I'm not perfect
I can only be me
I'm sorry I'm not perfect
Like the girl you want me to be

I'd give anything to make you happy
Even if it makes me sad
I'd never do anything to hurt you
I don't try to make you mad

Sometimes you get angry
And we start to fight
Little do you know
I cry myself to sleep at night

Sometimes I don't know
Just what I did wrong
I don't understand
Why we don't get along

Everytime we fight
I wish you could feel my heart break
Sometimes I wonder
How much more my heart can take

Sometimes I get so angry
I don't know what to say
I feel just like a game
That everyone wants to play

The only thing I need in this world
Is someone who is true
The only thing I need in this world
is...to be loved by you

honestly tak tipu punye ! wahaha !

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